Jennifer ‘s experience working and studying as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, West Africa and as a college student in Nepal with the University of Wisconsin led her to a career in design.

She was inspired by these places and people filled her heart with laughter, challenge, beauty and creativity, stimulating her to study the built environment as a student at California College of the Arts. After finishing her Architectural Degree, she created Hibiscus Studio a multi-disciplinary design and art practice in 2002. The studio’s name derives from the Hibiscus Sabdariffa a useful, versatile and beautiful flowering plant that is grown in Mali. Jennifer has experimented with clothing, painting and sculpture from. Selected for shows such as “On The Make” at 364 Hayes Gallery and the venue Residents Apparel Gallery, RAG.

Jennifer has worked on a range of building and landscape types and scales, for the last 16 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. The primary drivers of the studio’s ethos are celebrating the habitats of the CA Bay Area, providing leadership through design and community place making. The studio’s objective is to intensify the urban environment for better livability, and improve habitats for all. Hibiscus Studio’s process aims to balance beauty, sustainability, functionality, and future maintenance while maximizing the clients budget.

Innovation through sustainability, community, ecology and technology will continue as the focus of the studio as it explores architecture, art, landscape, and materials in a variety of forms.